Bringing Hope and Restoration to Toledo and Beyond

We believe that The Great Commission, where Jesus calls His people to “…go and make disciples of all nations…” presents a problem for the church that solely invites people to come to it.

That is why Heritage Church is a particularly outward facing church—a movement of people committed to taking the Gospel into every street, and to every person, so we can show the world that no matter where one finds themselves, Jesus is the hope they long for.

No matter how or why someone is lost, we are relentless about being hands-on; providing a practical way for them to be found in the very place they have ended up. It’s why we have many outreach and discipleship ministries. It’s all about removing the church walls so we can effectively connect with the lives that are waiting to know the hope of Jesus.


Heritage Church


Our mission, to SAVE, EQUIP and SEND, has been our heart and soul. It is a vision to establish global hope - every street, every person. This means we need an army of ‘hope bearers’ who have been saved, and equipped and sent! Our process is designed to mobilize people to carry out the great commission Jesus gave us.

Our Pastor

Eric Tastet

Eric is a native of Reno, Nevada with a passion for evangelism and discipleship. Eric earned his Pastoral Theology degree from Bible college before planting a church in Reno, his home town. After 9 years as a church planter, he accepted the call as Lead Pastor of Heritage Church. Eric has been married to his wife, Rebekah, for over 18 years. They have 4 daughters - Addie, Autumn, Sierra & Summer.

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A Movement Committed to Hope

In the teachings, life, death and resurrection of Jesus is found the hope that the world seeks. That’s why Heritage Church is an outward-facing, service-oriented church. We are aggressively reaching into our community with the hope of Jesus, going into every corner.