Worship Music @ Heritage

Worship is not about gratifying our personal preferences, but about drawing our hearts to Jesus
John 4:24


worship team

Pastor Michael Long is our Worship Leader. He is a graduate of Mid-America Bible College with a concentration in Youth and Music Ministry. Pastor Michael is trained on several instruments and led his college bell choir. Before making the leap of faith to Heritage, he led worship at Free Christian Church of God in Continental, OH.

"In general, worship leaders work hard to forget about themselves, calling out to God to lift their eyes off themselves. They want God to make them more aware of his presence and activity. The goal of worship leaders is to be focused on the Lord and to allow their countenance and gestures to react naturally to that focus." (Westerholm, 1.) Each Sunday we feature several singers and musicians on our platform--but the music at Heritage isn't about the people standing up front; it's about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, first, foremost, and forever.

There is a place for all musicians here. We feature a wide variety of singers, songs, hymns (both modern and classic,) and instrumental accompaniment. From the electric guitar and drums, to the banjo, flute, and even an accordion, it is our belief that all instruments and musicians can come together in harmony to praise God. If you feel the call to join our music ministry team, please see Pastor Michael.

mens choir 2.jpg

men's choir

Our Men's Choir sings at various times throughout the year and is always looking for new members! The men are led by Lynn Bryant and Carol Geer. Please see Rich Hauenstein if you are interested in joining!


youth worship

Our worship teams aren't just for adults. Our teens are always welcome to join in singing or playing an instrument.


heritage ringers

The Heritage Ringers are looking for new members! Join our Bell Choir--reading music is NOT required. The Bell Choir practices every Thursday evening at 7:00 pm and performs during Morning Worship on the fourth Sunday of each month. Starla Eisenmann is the Director of the Heritage Ringers -- see her to sign up!